Social Clubs

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A.L.C. offers several Social Clubs. These clubs meet once or more a month to enjoy activities together. Dinner and a Movie, Pizza and Bowling, Shows, Arcades and Dances! Always something new and a chance to get together with friends for a night out! Events change quarterly; members may sign up for all three or choose two activities to attend. Call today to register!

Social clubs are now limited to 13 people total per club – be sure to sign up today. Download and fill in the following form to register for a social club: Clubs Registration Form

Club A & B

Andover, Lexington, Stoneham, Bedford, Peabody
Late Winter 2016

FEE: $255 for 3 sessions or $189 for 2 sessions

Satuday Night January 16th 2016
“Tribute Show-Rolling Stones”
Bedford: 4:30-10:30
Lexington: 4:45-10:15
Stoneham: 5:00-10:00
Peabody: 5:30-10:00
Andover: 4:15-10:00

Sunday January 31st 2016 Day time
“Chunky’s & Increwbrew Root Beer”
Bedford: 10am-5pm
Lexington: 10:30-5pm
Stoneham: 10:30-4:45pm
Peabody: 11am-4:30pm
Andover: 10am-4:30pm

Satuday Night February 13th 2016
“Lazer Tag or the New Dave & Buster’s”
Bedford: 4:30-10:45
Lexington: 4:45-10:30
Stoneham: 5:00-10:15
Peabody: 5:30-10:00
Andover: 4:15-10:00

Brookline Clubs

Brookline-Camridge Adventure Club

Beauty and the Beast
January 10th
Cost: $139

Valentine’s Dance
February 7th
Cost: $69

Valentine’s Limousine Trip
February 14th
Cost: $139

100 Years of Magic on Ice at the Boston Garden
February 21st
Cost: $139

Celebrate Drew’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day at Chunky’s
February 28th
Cost: $139