Meet Our Staff

Learn more about the people who make ALCTrips happen!

Drew C. Bililies (President & CEO)

Drew is the Owner and President of the Alternative Leisure Company. Drew has been in the field of Special Education and Special Needs Travel/Recreation since 1974. For High School Drew graduated from the Rivers School of Weston. He went on to Boston College to receive a degree in Special Education with High Honors. From there he continued his education and received a Masters Degree in Administration also with High Honors from Boston College. He then was employed by the Brockton Public School as a Special Educator at the Middle School level. In 1983 he started his business full time and now completes close to 40 years in the field. While running his business he was a consultant to the Burlington Recreation Department, the Woburn Recreation Department, and the Natick Parks & Recreation Department. He was also employed by additional municipalities and received a large contract from the State Department to implement evening recreation programs in State Facilities. Drew has Directed Sunday Schools for the Greek Orthodox Churches in Boston, Watertown, and Lexington for over 30 years. He continues to run trips for Senior Citizens from these Churches. Drew resides in Bedford with his wife Maria. He has two adult children Charles and Alexia.

Donna H. Johnson (Executive Administrator/Tour Director)

Years with ALC: 3

Favorite Destination: Any of the Day trips, favorites are plays, musicals and boat rides!

What I love most about my job: “Being with the clients. I love this group of people. They are like family. I have never laughed so hard or had so much fun as when we are on a trip! This is a fantastic job!!!”

Best Thing about ALC:“The people! It’s so much fun to see them enjoying themselves. This is such a rewarding experience.”

Sarah Walker (Web Specialist, Weeklong Trip Planner)

Sarah Walker is new to ALC trips! She is currently obtaining an art education degree from Framingham State University. She loves to travel and sketch! She is also very excited to be working with ALC trips and hopes to meet everyone and go on some adventures!

Eric Schofield (Tour Director)

Years with ALC: 4

Favorite Destination: Anywhere with my ALC friends and family

What I love most about my job: I love having the opportunity to travel with individuals and affording them an opportunity to explore new places and experience new things. I have had the pleasure of helping people go places they have always wanted to go and see things they have only seen pictures of. On more than one occasion has a person asked me where are we going next? Or I never want to leave. There is nothing like having people show up to a trip and have individuals tell you how happpy they to see you and they are happy to be going on a trip with you. Most of all I enjoy sharing my family with my ALC family.

Best thing about ALC: Once you go on a trip with ALC it will change your life you’re your eyes to new places and things. After your trip with ALC you will relive the trip through pictures and look forward to your next trip.

Patti Leslie (Tour Director)

Years with ALC: 5 years

Favorite Destination: All of them, especially Jackson Hole Wyoming, Spring Training in Florida and Cruises

What I love most about my job: I love watching and sharing with the members while they have a blast on the various trips they attend. They love to have a good time and get to choose many of our activities. Getting to know the members and their families and friends is one of the many “perks” of working for ALC.

Best thing about ALC: Seeing friendships grow among the members. Watching new members being welcomed into the group. Listening to the members talk about new trips they want to attend in the future. Sharing laughs and memories and always ready to make new ones. Capturing the joy and excitement as they experience their dream trips! It is a pleasure to be a part of ALC!

Heather Shaughnessy (Tour Director)

Years with ALC: 21 years

What I love most about my job: I love being able to take clients out in the community and have a good time. Whether it be our joking with one another, bowling or talking about our week over dinner. It makes my day to be able to contribute to putting a smile on my clients’ faces! And of course we all love working for Drew!

Best thing about ALC: The best part about ALC is having a lot of return clients. You get to build a relationship with the clients, as well as their families and staff. I have a disabled cousin that attended a summer camp that Drew ran back in the 90’s and after being my cousin’s aid at camp, I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life and free time. Traveling with clients and taking day trips, where they get to enjoy something they may not have otherwise experienced is the most rewarding feeling!

Cindy Schofield (Tour Director)

Years with ALC: 2 years

Favorite Trip: Bahamas Cruise

What I love most about my job: I love being able to share and enjoy vacations with the clients. Seeing things through their eyes and watching their expressions are priceless. Hearing them laugh, trying new things as well as some of their favorite things to do. I get so excited when a trip is approaching and look forward to the opportunities and good times had by all. Having the opportunity to expose my kids and watching how they interact with the clients is an amazing thing,

Best thing about ALC: I think the best thing about ALC is that it provides individuals with a fun, safe, supportive trip and creates an atmosphere of caring and passion. I love that ALC treats everyone with respect and dignity all the while looking at each person as an individual.

Mara Glynn (Tour Director)

Years with ALC: 2 years

Favorite Destination: The Grand Canyon!

What I love most about my job: What I love most about my job is the people! I have met so many amazing individuals working for ALC, and love being able to take them to places near and far!

Best thing about ALC: The best thing about ALC is being able to give the clients life experiences they would not normally have. I love their excitement and enthusiasm for each trip!

Marissa Waters (Assistant Tour Director)

We welcome a new staff person to ALC. Marissa is a sophomore at Bridgewater State University majoring in Special Education. She will be doing day trips, weekend, weeklong trips, and Club B. We welcome Marissa to ALC and are excited in having her with us.

Martin (Tour Director)

Marty is a funny guy. He has been with ALC for the past two years. He is extremely funny. He make everyone laugh. On one of our New Hampshire trips he lost his sneakers and had to go to the restaurant with no shoes on. Maria (Drew’s wife) had to drive him to Walmart to get a new pair of sneakers. If you do a trip with Marty you never know what’s going to happen.

About Marty: I have a MBA from the University of Phoenix and Bachelors degree form Salem State University in Social Work. I have 17 yrs expereince working with adults and children with disabilities. I enjoy sporting events (especially Celtics and Red Sox). I love plays especially musicals, and enjoy the company of good people. I have been with ALC for about 1.5 years and will often see me joking around with clients and making sure something exciting happens during the trip.
What I like about working with ALC: The clients are really my favorite part of each of the trips, coming from a residential background I know how difficult it must be for them to constantly be told what to do and how to do things. I make sure my clients make their own decisions, have fun, and most importantly get as much out of each experience that they can. Oh and Drew is great too, he cares about the clients and has a great heart. I’m still looking for my shoes and I’m hoping that Memorial day weekend we can find them at Black Bear lodge!