One-to-One Services

About Our One-to-One Services

We recognize that individuals may have different needs, we offer two special services that can help address specific needs. Our “Door to Door” services provides transportation from the member’s home to the trip meeting point and back. Our Special “One to One” services provide a travel companion for those who need a bit more personal attention. ALC can also provide nurses on our trips. Please inquire with the office for rates and to arrange any specialized services.


“From Your Door to Our Van and Back!” A new Door to Door Service, available for Day Trips, Weekend Getaways, Social Programs, and Weeklong Trips. Additional fee applies.

To reserve your spot, please call Drew at (781) 275-0023 or (781) 454-6463.

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Traveling Companion Program!

Are you a senior or person with a disability?

Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation, but needed some assistance, someone to make all your arrangements, pick you up at your door, bring you to the airport and accompany you on your vacation?

The Traveling Companion program from Trips Unlimited, can take the worry out of your trip planning with our “all inclusive vacations”.
Seniors, and persons with disabilities, our specialty. We will take you ANYWHERE you’d like to go!

We make all your travel arrangements, take care of your luggage, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, rental car, excursions and travel plans, theater tickets, museum tours, restaurant reservations, sports tickets and more!

Our company will take you on European or Domestic tours, cruises, or to visit your relatives, you name it!! Reasonable rates—one price covers everything! Call Drew at (781) 275-0023 or email

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