View the policies for Alternative Leisure Company / Trips Unlimited below.

Registration Policy

1. Registrations for all trips are on a first come/first serve basis until the maximum number of participants is reached. Once the maximum number of participants is met, your name will be placed on a waiting list.
2. A $250 deposit is required for all overnight trips $799 and under to secure a spot.
3. A $500 deposit is required for all trips exceeding $799 to secure a spot.
4. Payment in full is require at the time of registration to secure discounted prices (i.e. Early Bird Pricing, Coupons, Special deals)
5. Full payment is due no later than 30 days prior to scheduled departure. Alternative Leisure/Trips Unlimited reserves the right to cancel a participant if not paid in full at 30 days prior to departure.
6. Overnight trips require a completed Fact Sheet by the client 30 days prior to travel.
7. Please make note of any special needs / requirements on the registration form. Every effort will be made to accommodate you.
8. Trip Confirmations will be mailed at least 1-2 weeks prior to the trip. Trip confirmations will specify any times, meeting locations or other details pertaining to the trip. Meeting locations are based on client locations and required minimums, with the exception of trips departing from Logan Airport and Logan Express locations.
9. Alternative Leisure/ Trips Unlimited has a Scholarship Fund to assist those participants facing financial difficulties. If a participant requires financial assistance to participate on a program they may apply for Scholarship Funds. For further information on our Scholarship Fund, please contact Drew at 781-275-0023.
First-time clients with Alternative Leisure / Trips Unlimited are encouraged to attend a Day Trip prior to traveling on any of the weeklong, weekend, or overnight trips.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

1. Alternative Leisure/Trips Unlimited reserves the right to cancel any trip for which there is insufficient registration or for any other reasonable cause that would prohibit the trip from proceeding. A credit will be issued to the registrant’s account that may be applied to future or other trips being offered and is valid for one year from date of issue.
2. Registered participants canceling within 15 days of a scheduled trip (Day or Overnight) may be issued a credit less a $25.00 processing fee and any non-refundable costs. The credit may be applied to any Alternative Leisure/Trips Unlimited trip or activity within the year.
3. Cancelations outside of 15 days on a Day Trip will receive a full credit less any non-refundable costs.
4. Participants registered for trips requiring pre-paid purchases, such as air, hotel, train, cruise, or event tickets may be issued a credit or a refund less the pre-paid / non-refundable amount and $25 processing fee.
5. Cancelations on day of trip or day of departure on overnight trips, no refunds. In the event of an emergency, Alternative Leisure/Trips Unlimited will review the potential for a partial refund on a case by case basis.

Medication Policy

If medications need to be dispensed, please follow this procedure:
Please package medications by the day. Use a zip lock bag for each day. Each zip lock bag should contain an envelope for every time that meds need to be dispensed. For example, if you take meds at 8:00am, 12:00pm and 8:00pm, then you should have a zip lock bag for each day you are away, each containing three envelopes. Please make sure meds are labeled with name, type of med, time meds need to be given, and reason for meds. Please do not send the med containers with days of the week and times labeled on it. These tend to open and meds could be lost. It is very important we know the names of the medication!!